Mar 11, 2013

cleaning it all..

hi.. hello !! new year.. new resolution and new wardrobe.. lol... i need to cleaning some of my clothes because now i move to another phase of life and everything is BELOW RM20.. hurry lass grab it and more to come =)

 code::100 bought at london and never wear. a bit transparent (RM15)

 code:: 101 wore once .. fit for S to M and yes fit for early pregnancy -middle pict wit flash SOLD
 code::102 free size and fit for S-M..  (RM5) SOLD
code:: 103 never worn . turtle neck style and stretchable fit for S-M (RM10) 
 code:: 104 worn one time and i just need to cleaning out my closet. hud sweater fir for S-M (RM15) SOLD
 code::105 worn once..material stretchable.. fir for S-M (RM8) 
 code:: 106 material cotton stretchable fit for S-M (RM15)  SOLD
 code:: 107 its NEW.. free size fit for S-M comes with free belt (RM20)
code:: 108 stretchable blouse free size from lycra material (RM15)  SOLD
 code:: 109 free size blouse from cotton .. suitable to wear wit belt (RM10) SOLD