May 10, 2013

cleaning out my closet

All item SOLD OUT 

PRICE has been REDUCE  MARK DOWN PRICE... i need to cleaning some of my clothes because now i move to another phase of life and everything is BELOW RM20.. hurry lass grab it and more to come =)

code: 001 description: worn several times .. material soft cotton fit from S - M (RM10) 

code: 002 description: bought and wore at my london tour jan 2012. pv leather fit for S-M (SOLD)

code: 003 description: bought and wore at my london tour jan 2012. pv leather fit for S-M (SOLD) 

code: 004 (A) description: ZARA sweater worn one time only size M (RM10) original price RM49.90 necklace not included

code: 004 description: nice and trendy blouse from soft cotton fit from S-M (RM10) orignal price RM 69.90

code: 005 description: never worn .. just try it on.. fit for size S-M (RM15) original price RM49.90

code: 006 description: worn one times. bought at isetan size M (RM10) SOLD

code: 007 description: maxi dress from lycra worn several times (RM20) original price RM80

code: 008 description: worn one times free size material from cotton fit from S-M (RM10) original price RM25 necklace not included 

code: 009 description: orange blouse free size worn once and from stretchable material (RM10) necklace not included original price RM69.90 

code: 010 description: nicci blouse one of my favorite need to wear with inner size S (RM15) original price RM69.90

code: 011 description: shirt from isetan suitable for career women size M (RM15) SOLD

code: 012 description: never worn just bought at isetan size M (RM15) original price RM79.90)

code: 013 description: free size blouse for fashionista  fit for S-M (RM5) belt not included

code: 014 description: bought at singapore size M (RM15) necklace not included 

code: 015 description: egyptian style blouse bought at bandung free size (RM10)

code: 016 description: zara blouse size M material from soft satin (RM15) necklace not included 

code: 017 description:  long shirt from isetan worn one time size M (RM15) orignal price RM79.90 belt not included